Small Sites Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) Consultation

Closes 1 Jun 2021

Opened 19 Mar 2021


Lewisham, like all boroughs, is dealing with a housing crisis and a climate emergency. To help tackle these issues, we’ve completed a draft small sites design guidance document, encouraging the delivery of more high-quality, sustainable homes across the borough.

In September 2020 we appointed Architects Ash Sakula and RCKa to work on a draft of the Small Sites Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) . They completed an initial consultation process with local agents, architects and developers and worked with LBL officers and councillors to produce the first draft of this design guidance.

We’d like to hear your views on the draft Small Sites SPD (click image below to view)

Why we are consulting

The consultation is inviting those interested to view and comment on the draft SPD and associated documents through this consultation page. Further consultation will take place on Commonplace, and via webinars from May.

The consultation period will end on the 1st June 2021.

This consultation is asking people to provide their views on:

  • The design guidance within the document
  • Whether the document is easy to use and understand
  • Any other comments on the content of the draft document

The draft SPD sits as part of a suite of documents including a Vision Document, Design Guide and Appendices.

Please see the following documents attached at the bottom of this page or accessible via the links below:

Please click the "Online Survey" link below to give us any comments or feedback on the draft Small Sites SPD.

Give us your views


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