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Open Consultations

  • Article 4 Direction - Use Class E (commercial, business and services) to Use Class C3 (residential)

    Representation Period for an Article 4 Direction for Class E (commercial, business and service) Lewisham Council approved the making of a non-immediate Article 4 Direction for all Major Centres, District Centres, Local Centres and Strategic Industrial Locations (SIL), Locally... More

    Closes 5 December 2022

  • Article 4 Direction for Small HMOs for the remainder of the borough

    Article 4 (1) directions on small HMOs We are withdrawing permitted development rights from most Houses in Multiple Occupation - HMOs. A small HMO is where between three and six unrelated people share basic amenities, such as a kitchen or bathroom. ... More

    Closes 5 December 2022

  • Audience Survey

    Lewisham is the Mayor’s London Borough of Culture 2022. With a call to action on the climate emergency and a celebration of Lewisham’s diverse communities, the year-long cultural programme is inspired by our borough’s rich history of activism and standing up for equality. Jointly led... More

    Closes 31 January 2023

  • Creative Futures: Industry Talks Survey

    Lewisham is the Mayor’s London Borough of Culture 2022. With a call to action on the climate emergency and a celebration of Lewisham’s diverse communities, the year-long cultural programme is inspired by our borough’s rich history of activism and standing up for equality. ... More

    Closes 31 March 2023

  • Lewisham Creative Futures: Kick Off Questionnaire

    Lewisham Creative Futures is a Government funded programme of free events, training, information and advice being delivered by Adult Learning Lewisham, Goldsmiths University of London, Entelechy Arts and The Albany to support for adults of all ages from 18+ in Lewisham, to gain... More

    Closes 31 March 2023

Closed Consultations

  • Have your say on the Lewisham Draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)

    What is a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)? Lewisham Health and Wellbeing Board is hosted by Lewisham Council. The government requires all Health and Wellbeing Boards to produce an assessment of pharmaceutical services in its area every three years, under the NHS. The next assessment is... More

    Closed 15 November 2022

  • Proposal to Expand Oak Hill Nursery into Hatcham Oak Children Centre

    Why Are We Consulting? We are proposing to extend the lease for Oak Hill Nursery to expand in to the vacant part of the building at Hatcham Oak. This space is currently designated as a Children Centre and as we set out this proposal we would like to hear your views and provide an... More

    Closed 10 October 2022

  • Planning Application Local Validation Checklist Consultation

    A validation list tells people who are submitting planning applications what supporting information will be needed. It also provides advice on the detail and scope of that information, as the information required will be dependent on the scale and nature of the proposal. ... More

    Closed 22 August 2022

  • Calling all parents and carers - tell us about child care in Lewisham

    Thank you for completing this survey. Your response will help us to understand how Lewisham council could better support families with accessing childcare in the borough. Your response will be kept entirely confidential. If you need support with any of the issues covered in this... More

    Closed 5 August 2022

  • Carer Implementation Plan (2022 – 2024): Are we focusing on the key priorities?

    According to Carers UK, more than 1 in 8 adults in the UK care for a family member or friend. This care is crucial to meet the needs of the growing population of older people and people with long-term conditions or disabilities, but the vital role often goes unrecognised. The... More

    Closed 29 July 2022

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

To help Lewisham Council to prepare an assessment of the current and future needs of local people for pharmacy services, we asked you to tell us how your local pharmacy (also called a chemist) is giving you the things that you need. For example, your prescription, getting advice on treating minor health concerns and healthy living and/or essential vaccination.

You said

Overall, 129 participants completed the survey, and more than 98% were Lewisham residents. Most of the respondents were from SE6 (postcode) or SE13. Majority of the respondents were female (78%) and age group of 45-74 (66%). About 59% of the respondents identified themselves as White British. Around 31% of the respondents consider themselves to have a disability and Hidden disability: Diabetes was declared from 64% of the respondents who said to have a disability.

The survey findings were as follows:

  • The majority (95%) of the respondents use a pharmacy in Lewisham. Using a pharmacy one a month was the most common usage by the respondents (50%).
  • Most of the respondents said they use the local pharmacy to collect prescribed medication (97%). Many used their local pharmacy for advice (33%) and to buy medication that doesn’t need a prescription (over the counter medicines) (58%).
  • More than half of the respondents use the same pharmacy on a regular basis (73%).
  • More than half of the respondents usually walk to their pharmacy (78%), and it takes no more than 10 minutes (66%)
  • A quarter of the respondents said there is a more convenient or closer pharmacy that they do not use (33%).
  • For weekdays, mornings (36%) and afternoon (31%) were the most convenient time for respondents to access as pharmacy.
  • For Saturday, mornings (63%) and afternoon (28%) were the most convenient time for respondents to access as pharmacy.
  • For Sunday, mornings (47%) and afternoon (27%) were the most convenient time for respondents to access as pharmacy.
  • Collecting prescriptions (91%) or repeat prescriptions (93%), buying over the counter medicines (93%) and advice from your pharmacist (91%) were the most selected services that the respondents have used from the pharmacy.
  • Most of the respondents wanted to have different public health and/or clinical services offered by the pharmacy, however, services that were not sure or not wanted by the majority of respondents were needle exchange (no: 18%, don’t know: 51%), stopping smoking/nicotine replacement therapy (no: 24%, don’t know: 35%) and supervised consumption of methadone and buprenorphine (no: 22%, don’t know: 46%).
  • Majority of the respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the opening times (79%), consultation rooms (42%), and medicines review and advice (47%).

We did

We used your feedback to help develop our draft of the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) which is now available to review from this link (

We are now at the second stage of our consultation. A Public Consultation is being undertaken from 30th August 2022 to 28th October 2022, to seek the views of members of the public and other stakeholders, on whether they agree with the contents of this Draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Report and whether it addresses issues that they consider relevant to the provision of pharmaceutical services. We would like you to give us your views on the draft PNA report by the 28th October. The feedback will be reported and reflected in the final revised Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Report, in November 2022.

We asked

This consultation was about involving the public in the design, commissioning and delivery of the health visiting and school nursing services. It aimed to capture the views of parents and carers in order to shape services.

The current contract for the provision of the Health Visiting and School Nursing Service is due to expire on the 31st March 2023. Before a new contract is awarded, we asked for your views on the current service and the ways in which it might be improved.


You said

In total there were 183 responses to the School Nursing Service online parent and carer survey which included the following suggested improvements to the existing service:

  • Improving access and information around the areas of support that are most important and needed.
  • Increased face to face services.
  • Better use of websites and social media.
  • Improving partnership working with other services.
  • Promotion and awareness raising about the service and what it offers.
  • Greater visibility and awareness in schools.

We did

We held workshops to discuss the results of the consultation with the current service provider. Feedback to all questions within the survey have been shared with the Children and Young People’s Joint Commissioning Team and the suggestions for improvement have influenced the 'service specification', a key document that will inform the re-procurement of the contract.


We asked

Thank you for responding to our survey about play which has informed developing a strategy for play. The survey was one part of the consulation and 427 responses were recieved. In addition to the survey a wide-ranging consultation and engagement exercise  was undertaken between February and March 2022. Views were asked from a variety of groups and sources including:  Adult and children online survey monkey, schools via a schools competition, Vox pops consultation at Lewisham shopping centre, Council Members and officers, Public Health, Early Years, Young Mayors and Young Advisors  and Children and family centres. This resulted in another 575 views - 902 in total.

 These are some of the questions we asked children, young people and their families:

Where do you like to play? 

Is this close enough to walk from home? 

Is there anything that puts you off playing where you want to?

What new play things would you like to see in Lewisham?

Why is play important to you?


You said

The vast majority of the respondents reported that they appreciate and regularly use Lewisham play spaces. Some of the other issues highlighted were in relation to feeling safe in the play area, increasing the opening hours of play spaces and the maintenance of play spaces.

We did

The Play Strategy has been published and includes an Action Plan informed by the outcome of the consulltation. See the link to the Strategy here: Play Strategy