Have your say on pharmacy services in Lewisham (PNA 2022)

Closes 6 Jun 2022

Opened 7 May 2022

Results expected 1 Jul 2022

Feedback expected 1 Jul 2022


We want to make sure that your local pharmacy (also called a chemist) is giving you the things that you need. For example, your prescription, getting advice on treating minor health concerns and healthy living and/or essential vaccination. We are talking with people who live in Lewisham about this. Please tell us about the local pharmacy that you use most often. If you rarely go to the pharmacy, please tell us about the pharmacy that you used most recently. 

What we are asking you to do

Please complete this questionnaire. All of your answers will be confidential, so please feel free to be as honest as you can. Your responses will help Lewisham Council to prepare an assessment of the current and future needs of local people for pharmacy services. We will use your feedback to help develop our draft of the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) which will then be available for public consultation in the summer of 2022.

What is the PNA?

The purpose of the PNA is to assess and set out how the provision of pharmaceutical services can meet the health needs of the population of Lewisham for a period of up to three years.

If you have any questions or in need of support about this questionnaire, please call 07493348268 or email pnasupportlewisham@phast.org.uk

Data protection statement

We’ve asked for your information on this survey because it tells us more about the people (like you) who use our services. If we know more about you, we know more about the way our services are used and this helps us to make improved decisions about them. It also helps us to make sure we’re hearing from all our diverse communities.

There are times when we need to collect your contact information (so we can keep in touch). When we ask for this, we will be clear about why we’re collecting this information and how it will be used. When we analyse responses and report findings from our surveys, your personal details will not be identifiable. That’s the same for when we ask for demographic information (like your age, gender identity, ethnicity or disabilities). We’ll also make sure that you don’t have to answer any questions about you, if you don’t want to. For the purpose of this surveywe are NOT collecting any personal information and so all responses will remain anonymous.

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