Lewisham Creative Futures: Exit Questionnaire

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Closes 31 Mar 2023

Your Feedback

1. What parts of the programme did you attend? (Tick as many as apply)
2. What areas of the Creative Sector are you interested in? (Tick as many as apply)
3. To what extent did you enjoy your Course/Training/Event?
4. Do you feel you know more about the Creative Sector now?
5. Do you feel you are more prepared/motivated to progress to work or further training?
6. Has taking part in the Creative Futures Programme increased your confidence in terms of your next steps?
7. How confident do you feel in terms of your learning and career steps / pathway / journey? (such as support with job searching, life skills training, etc.)
8. What are your plans/next steps now?
9. Did the course meet your needs and expectations?
10. Did the tutors/trainers/staff inspire you?
11. How did they inspire you or have you got any comments about the course/tutors?
12. Do you have any suggestions or ideas about what kinds of support you would like in order to pursue further opportunities in the Creative Sector?
13. Do you feel you know about other opportunities and things happening as part of Borough of Culture and/or Creative Futures?
14. If you would like to be kept up to date with Creative Futures and Borough of Culture opportunities, please give an email address