Surrey Canal Triangle SPD

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Closes 21 Oct 2019


As part of Lewisham Council’s ongoing commitment to high quality design and creating sustainable communities, the Council will be preparing a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the area known as the Surrey Canal Triangle.

The Surrey Canal Triangle is a strategic site allocation in the Council’s Core Strategy Document which was adopted in June 2011. The allocation includes ambitions for extending Millwall Football club’s stadium, mixed use business space, much needed new housing including a high proportion of genuinely affordable housing, a potential new train station and various other community facilities.

More specific information on the site can be found by following the link to Lewisham’s core strategy document and going to page 146 (Click on the core strategy document icon);

A location plan and site plan of the SPD area and additional  documents are provided at the links in the tab below.

The Surrey Canal Triangle maps and documents

Please click the links below for maps of the site:

Surrey Canal Triangle Site Map

Borough Map

For additional documents please click the links below:

Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Document

Surrey Canal Design Framework Document

1. Do you think there are any important characteristics of the area that should be considered in the development of the SPD?
2. What improvements could be made to the area?
3. Would you like to add any other comments at this stage of the process?