New Additions to the Councils List of Locally Listed Buildings

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Closes 23 Dec 2019


This consultation is entirely ‘Optional’ and you do not need to participate unless you choose to. Your personal information will only be viewed by members of the Strategic Planning team at London Borough of Lewisham, and will not be shared with any third party. Your details are required to authenticate your representation.

By submitting your contact details to this consultation, you are consenting to be added to the Strategic Planning team's consultation data base. The information provided will only be used to understand comments and opinions for this survey, The Strategic Planning database is retained and managed by the Strategic Planning team only, and we will not transfer any data to another territory outside of the EEA. We will hold this data for a maximum of five years, or until,  if you request to be removed from our consultation data base sooner. However we anticipate to only hold this information for one year for the purpose of this consultation.

If, at any point, you wish to be removed from our database, please contact