Article 4 Direction - Use Class E (commercial, business and services) to Use Class C3 (residential)

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Closes 5 Dec 2022


1. Do you have business premises in the borough?
2. If yes, have you moved premises or taken on additional premises in the borough in the last three years?
3. If yes, how easy was it to find suitable premises for an affordable price in the borough?
4. Do you think there are sufficient premises or workspace for businesses within the borough?
5. Do you support the proposal to protect business workspace in the borough? This is by ensuring any proposals to change business workspace into residential dwellings in town centres must be done by applying for Planning Permission (through a Planning policy known as an Article 4 direction).
6. Do you have any other comments about business premises or workspace in the borough?
7. Postcode of business premises (if applicable)
8. What type of use class best suits the function of your business? Please select all of the options that you feel best suits the function of your business.