Article 4 Direction on small HMOs within Lewisham’s southern wards

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Closes 2 May 2019


At the end of the representation period, and after reviewing comments made by the public, the Mayor and Cabinet of Lewisham Council will decide whether the Article 4(1) Direction is to be confirmed.

If confirmed, the Direction will come into force on the 7 March 2020. This will mean that planning permission will be required from 7 March 2020 onwards before a single family dwelling house can be converted into a small HMO within Bellingham, Downham, Grove Park and Whitefoot.

For planning permission to be granted, it will need to be demonstrated that there is a specific need in the area, that the conversion would not “harm” the character of the area and that the accommodation is of a high standard. Then, the conversion from a single family dwelling house to a small HMO may be deemed acceptable alongside any other relevant development management policies within the adopted local plan at the time

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