Re-procurement of drug and alcohol services for adults

Closes 28 May 2019

Consultation Contents

This consultation includes different sections for:

  • Current or previous users of the drug and alcohol service for adults
  • Lewisham residents or members of the general public, who are not service users 
  • Professionals (e.g. GPs or social workers)

You only need to complete the section that is most relevant to you.

Drug and Alcohol Services and how they help

Drug and alcohol use can impact on the individual, their families or friends, local communities and society as a whole in many different ways which can result in physical and psychological harm that can have a far reaching impact.

Commissioned services within Lewisham are designed to meet the needs of local residents, with the aim to help and support individuals and families deal with problems caused by drugs and alcohol by delivering structured, tailor-made inventions based on the needs of the individual. 

‚ÄčKey information regarding the current provision:

Blenheim Primary Care Recovery Service provides a confidential recovery-orientated model offering support, advice and treatment options for individuals, family members and/or carers who live in Lewisham.

They work with eight GPs across Lewisham to help people with concerns about drug or alcohol use to ensure that individuals get the right level of support. By working with the GPs, Blenheim Primary Care Recovery Service can develop a thorough understanding of individuals’ health issues and devise a personalised plan for those who wish to access the service to address any concerns.

The Primary Care Recovery Service (PCRS) is a recovery-focused service that provides integrated drug and alcohol interventions that is delivered by Blenheim CDP and forms part of the successful treatment system here in the London Borough of Lewisham.

They also offer an aftercare service that provides support and advice to people working on their recovery from drugs and/or alcohol, by building resilience and relapse prevention; alongside opportunities to gain and build skills to move on and out of treatment.

What does PCRS currently do?

The service provides integrated drug and alcohol interventions, including Opioid Substitute Therapy (OST) working alongside GPs and pharmacists.

They offer therapies, which involves:

  • screening and assessment
  • titration
  • community detoxification
  • brief and extended interventions
  • intensive key-working
  • group work and peer support
  • BBV screening
  • onward referrals
  • tailored care

The Proposal:

Due to legislation, we are legally required to retender this service as the contract is due to cease on 31st March 2020.  We are consulting to see if the service is relevant to the needs of the borough and if any improvements/changes should be made to the current treatment model.


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