Lewisham All Age Autism Strategy

Closes 8 Jun 2022


Autistic people often report a lower quality of life that the general population, are familiar with discrimination, and experience both physical and mental health inequalities. The Lewisham All-Age Autism Strategy 2022-2027 will set out the key areas of action that will be taken by partners in the borough to improve the lives of our autistic community.

Over the past year, we have been working with autistic residents, local carers and service professionals to identify the needs of the local population, areas of good practice and gaps in provision. This work generated nine priorities, each tailored to local need.

This consultation allows us to receive feedback on our plans from a wider range and large number of our community. We are particularly interested in hearing from our autistic residents and carers who were not able to attend previous engagement events.

The findings of this consultation survey will inform the Autism-Inclusive Action Plan, which will set out the practical changes that will be delivered across our range of services. The All-Age Autism Strategy 2022-2027 and the Autism-Inclusive Action Plan will be published in summer 2022.

You will be asked your views on our priorities and to provide information on your experiences and hopes for the future. The survey should take between 15 and 25 minutes, depending on your level of response.

Please note, the term ‘autistic’ is used throughout this survey as this is preferred by a large proportion of the autistic community who see their autism as an integral part of their identity. Person-first language (e.g. child with autism) is preferred by some people, however its use is against current guidelines.

1. Which statement best describes you? If you are completing the survey on behalf of another person, please select the option that most describes them.