Waste Management Strategy Consultation

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Closes 29 Oct 2021


How we manage our waste is an important part of our commitment to delivering a greener future for Lewisham.

We have developed a strategy that emphasises ambition, leadership and innovation; working together to bring bigger benefits for the local environment; reducing emissions from waste to help improve local air quality; and supporting local supply chains, employment and social cohesion. It seeks to bring about changes that prompt reduction of waste, and encourage reuse, repair and recycling.

Through the consultation, the Council aims to gauge support among residents for the strategy’s vision and objectives; identify key actions needed to support residents and businesses to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle more; and gather suggestions that could lead to innovative improvements.

Please read the waste strategy document BEFORE completing the survey.

Click the links below to open the strategy as well as a glossary of key terms.

Draft Waste Strategy 2021 - 2031

Glossary of Key Terms