Covid-19 Rapid Test survey

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Closes 4 Dec 2020


Lewisham is one of several councils across London to roll out new rapid tests, which will allow many more people in Lewisham to get tested whether they have symptoms or not.

Experience elsewhere suggests that it is not always easy to get people to come forward for this testing. We would like your feedback on what you believe are some of the barriers that might limit people coming forward to be tested and how we can overcome these.

In order to get a broader understanding of community attitudes to testing, we are asking a number of questions about you. This information will help us plan the roll out of the testing more effectively.    

1. Would you take a test even if you didn't have symptoms?
2. If yes, what would motivate you the most?
3. If no, why not?
4. If you will not come forward for a Covid-19 rapid test, what would encourage you to do so?
5. If you are in employment is face-to-face contact with people a regular part of your job?
6. If you had to, would you be able to work from home?
7. What employment sector do you work in?
8. What is your age?
9. What is your sex?
10. What is your ethnicity?
11. Disability
These questions relate to disability. Disability is defined in the law as a physical or mental impairment which has a sustained and long-term adverse effect on a person's ability to carry out normal day to day activities. This includes health conditions such as HIV, cancer and multiple sclerosis.
12. If you live in Lewisham, which ward do you live in?