Borough of Sanctuary Survey

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Closes 26 Mar 2021


We are collecting this information as part of Lewisham’s Big Conversation which takes the views of residents on issues affecting their lives. We want to hear from Lewisham residents who are refugees, asylum seekers or migrants so that we can understand whether you are satisfied with services provided by Lewisham Council and seek your advice on areas that we can improve. We also want to hear about things that you feel could be improved in the local area and any ways in which you would like to help with this.

This survey is completely anonymous and you cannot be identified by responding.

Please select which group you consider yourself to be in

We are proud to have refugees, asylum seekers and migrants living in Lewisham and want you to feel valued and supported. We are asking this question to help us understand how many people from these different groups live in Lewisham, and whether they have different needs.

We will only use this information to consider what kinds of services and support are needed and to try to improve those that are available. You cannot be identified from any information you give.