Carer Implementation Plan (2022 – 2024): Are we focusing on the key priorities?

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Closes 18 Jul 2022

Carer Implementation Plan

Scope: Young and adult carers providing unpaid care to an adult 18 years and above (Care Act, 2014)

Lewisham Borough Council have been working closely with unpaid carers locally to co-produce a Carer Implementation Plan to improve the Lewisham Carer offer. We are keen to hear your views on whether or not we are focusing on the key priority areas.

1. Title of the Implementation Plan: 'Ensuring You Are Visible, Valued and Supported' - Do you agree?
2. Priority area 1: Visible: We want everyone who is an unpaid carer to be fully aware of this - Do you agree?
3. Priority area 2: Valued: We value you as the key partner in supporting your loved one and your contribution to our local economy - Do you agree?
4. Priority area 3: Supported: We see you as a person in your own right and will support you to have a fulfilling and meaningful life. This includes transitioning out of being an unpaid carer if and when that occurs - Do you agree?
5. Would you like to be kept informed as this work progresses?
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