Give us your views about shaping Family Hubs and the Start for Life Programme

Closed 31 May 2023

Opened 27 Mar 2023


 This survey is for parents and carers of babies, children, and young people up to age 19 (or 25 with Special Educational Needs and Disability).  

Consultation activities are also taking place face-to-face, including with children and young people.

We want Family Hubs to be welcoming, friendly and accessible places, where services join to support families with children of all ages (0-19 or 25 with a special educational need) to meet their needs.    Lewisham will be opening the first Hub in Clyde Nursery in April 2023 with 3 or 4 others being opened later in the year.  

 As well as Family Hubs, there will be other buildings and spaces across the borough where services will be made available, as well as an online offer of information.  

We want to ensure that children and young people have the best start in life so the Family Hubs will include programmes and services focused on supporting expectant and new parents from conception until their baby is aged two years old. These are known as ‘Start for Life Services’ and include:  

  • Parenting support for parents of children aged 0-2
  • Supporting parent-infant relationships and those suffering from mental health or emotional wellbeing issues during pregnancy or in the first year after the birth of their child
  • Providing support to children with their early language development or in a home learning environment
  • Support with infant feeding

The Hubs will also provide support to children as they grow up through adolescence to adulthood. This may include youth activities, mentoring, sexual health, substance misuse services and career guidance.  

If you have an immediate need for support, please go to Lewisham’s website for information about the services available.  (






Why your views matter

Why your views matter

We want to develop Family Hubs, so they meet the needs of your family - your feedback is crucial to this.





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