Proposal to Expand Oak Hill Nursery into Hatcham Oak Children Centre

Closed 10 Oct 2022

Opened 18 Aug 2022


Why Are We Consulting?

We are proposing to extend the lease for Oak Hill Nursery to expand in to the vacant part of the building at Hatcham Oak. This space is currently designated as a Children Centre and as we set out this proposal we would like to hear your views and provide an opportunity for your voice to be heard.


Oak Hill Nursery have occupied part of the site since it was built with in 2006, along with a Sure Start funded Children Centre. Since the Sure Start Scheme funding drew to a close in 2009/10 funding for Children Centres has reduced year on year to less than a quarter of the original funding available.

These reductions in funding have changed the way Children Centres services can be delivered across the Borough. To maintain a Children Centre offer the Council has had to reduce the number of sites and create sites that cover a larger area. This means Hatcham Oak is no longer in use as a Children Centre.

Expansion Proposal

Oak Hill Nursery have approached the Council with a vision of how the currently unoccupied (Children Centre) part of the site could be better used as a space for the nursery.

  • Increased support and guidance to local parents and carers by providing workshops on subjects such as toilet training, sleep routines, healthy eating, importance of play, natural resources, developmental milestones, EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), oral health and hygiene routines.
  • Creation of a community hub that would offer space and facilities to local community groups that provide child care, educational and recreational provision such as exercise classes, mental wellbeing, meditation, yoga and massage.  
  • Increased provision for some pilot schemes that would facilitate before/after school and school holiday activities.

The proposal from Oak Hill Nursery would not only provide basic Children Centre services (which are not currently available in this locality) but will provide an additional saving to the Council because removes the costs associated with maintaining an empty sites or building. Maintaining empty sites or buildings is expensive and not publically responsible.

These savings can be used to support the development of Family Hubs. A Family hub will be where the Council locates multiple services including some Children Centre provision as well as other services, such as Health Services and Family Support reducing the need for residents to travel from one place to another to access services, they will be ‘one stop shops’.

Why your views matter

The Council has a statutory duty to consult with local residents on changes to premises that have been designated as Children Centres and for this reason your involvement is hugely important to this proposal, the final decision and the services for your local area.

This is an opportunity for you to express your views on the proposal and influence any changes that may be required.

This is an opportunity to have your voice heard on an important local issue that can affect you and your neighbours.

What happens next

We will use your responses to inform the decision making process and the ultimate decision to use the vacant space at Hatcham Oak Children Centre to expand Oak Hill Nursery. The results of the consultation will form part of the report which goes to Mayor and Cabinet for a final decision

Your views will not only be used to inform the decison making but also the offer that will be available, we will respond to your questions and requests identified throughout the consultation.


  • Oak Hill Nursery Expansion Consultation Event 2

    From 21 Sep 2022 at 15:00 to 21 Sep 2022 at 19:00

    Drop in opportunity to ask questions and complete consultation face to face, children welcome.


  • Brockley
  • Telegraph Hill


  • Anyone from any background


  • Children social care
  • Schools and education
  • Commissioning