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Closes 20 Aug 2019

Opened 28 May 2019

Results expected 30 Sep 2019


Borough-wide licensing in private sector homes in the borough

We are consulting on proposals to introduce borough-wide licensing across Lewisham's private rented homes. Details on how we are proposing to do this are available in the following documents:

Lewisham residents are more reliant on the private rented sector than ever before. We want to make sure everyone lives in a safe, secure and stable home while landlords feel supported in delivering professional services that are up to standard.  

Why We Are Consulting

  • To improve property standards, security and decency in the private rented sector.
  • To better protect vulnerable tenants.
  • To help tenants feel safe and secure in their homes.
  • To eliminate rogue landlords and protect tenants from illegal evictions.
  • To create a fairer environment for landlords and support them to deliver consistent standards of accommodation across the private rented sector.
  • To reduce the gap between good and poor landlords.
  • To make Lewisham a better place to live in, by better addressing antisocial behaviour and crime.    



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