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Closed 21 Aug 2019

Opened 28 May 2019

Results expected 30 Sep 2019


Borough-wide licensing in private sector homes in the borough

We are consulting on proposals to introduce borough-wide licensing across Lewisham's private rented homes. Details on how we are proposing to do this are available in the following documents:

Lewisham residents are more reliant on the private rented sector than ever before. We want to make sure everyone lives in a safe, secure and stable home while landlords feel supported in delivering professional services that are up to standard.  

Why your views matter

  • To improve property standards, security and decency in the private rented sector.
  • To better protect vulnerable tenants.
  • To help tenants feel safe and secure in their homes.
  • To eliminate rogue landlords and protect tenants from illegal evictions.
  • To create a fairer environment for landlords and support them to deliver consistent standards of accommodation across the private rented sector.
  • To reduce the gap between good and poor landlords.
  • To make Lewisham a better place to live in, by better addressing antisocial behaviour and crime.    

Other language support

If you want to share your views on this consultation, but are having difficulty understanding and need translation in another language, then please send us an email with your name, contact details and language and we will contact you in your desired language.

What happens next

Thank you for your comments and considerations on this consultation. All representations will be considered as part of the decision-making process on whether to continue with plans to implement the proposed schemes.

If the decision is made to apply to the Secretary of State for borough-wide  licensing, the representations will form part of our application to support the Secretary of State's decision-making process.    


  • Bellingham
  • Blackheath
  • Brockley
  • Catford South
  • Crofton Park
  • Downham
  • Evelyn
  • Forest Hill
  • Grove Park
  • Ladywell
  • Lee Green
  • Lewisham Central
  • Perry Vale
  • Rushey Green
  • Sydenham
  • Telegraph Hill


  • Lewisham residents
  • Professional stakeholders (e.g. teachers, GPs, police etc.)


  • Housing and homelessness