Vaping (E-Cigarette Use) Survey 2024

Closes 28 Jul 2024

Opened 2 Jul 2024


The Public Health Team at Lewisham Council, is planning to consult with school staff and students to understand the challenges schools are facing regarding vaping (e-cigarette use) and how we can best support our communities. This questionnaire is adopted from Bristol University.

We would very much welcome your feedback to help understand what issues you are experiencing and to help us to understand what would help improve things going forward.

It should take you about 10 minutes to answer all the questions. Survey responses are anonymous, and you can’t be identified through your answers

If you need to contact someone about this survey, please email

Privacy notice (data protection)

Your response to this survey is being collected by Lewisham Council (data controller) and will be used to help make decisions about our Health and Wellbeing service offer for schools. By submitting your response, you are giving your consent for us to use the information you have provided.

We will keep your information safe and secure in line with UK data protection law. Your data will be processed by the relevant services (departments) within Lewisham Council. We will also process your data on our behalf but will never use it for its own purposes. We will store your responses for up to 2 years.

You have rights under UK data protection law including withdrawing your consent for us to use your information. Visit the 
ICO Website (data protection regulator) to learn more. General information about how Lewisham Council uses your data can be found privacy statement.

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