Sydenham Hill Ridge Neighbourhood Planning Area and Forum applications

Closed 31 Oct 2019

Opened 5 Sep 2019


A local community group in the Sydenham Hill area has made an application seeking the designation of a Neighbourhood Area and the designation of a Neighbourhood Forum.

A designated neighbourhood forum is an organisation or group empowered by the local authority to lead the neighbourhood planning process in a neighbourhood area.  A neighbourhood area is an area defined by the forum that they wish to create a neighbourhood development plan for.  A neighbourhood area is also designated by the local authority. 

The proposed area covers parts of the borough of Lewisham and the borough of Southwark.  If the application is approved, no other organisation or body may be designated for that area until this designation expires or is withdrawn. 

The documents attached below are intended to inform your decision on wether or not the emerging forum would work towards a shared vision of the proposed area and also if you agree to the objectives the forum wish to achieve by drafting a neighbourhood development plan.  This includes the groups written constitution, application forms and supporting statements as to why they have decided to apply for designation of a forum and area.

Why your views matter

The emerging Sydenham Hill Ridge Forum has submitted a forum and area application to the council which can be viewed below and the council is now seeking views and comments on the applications from residents and other interested stakeholders.  All responses must be submitted by (include date) by e-mail to or post to:

Lewisham Council

Planning department

2nd Floor, Civic suite

Catford Road, SE6 4RX

The council will consider the comments made on these applications when deciding to designate the group with forum status.  The coucil will also consider commenst made on the area application. 

If both councils approve the applications, Sydenham Hill Ridge Neighbourhood Forum will be able to prepare a neighbourhood plan for their neighbourhood area.

Once a neighbourhood plan has passed through the statutory processes and is adopted, it will be used, alongside both boroughs' own planning policy documnets and can help influence decisions on planning applications in the designated neighbourhood area.

Below you will find the application form for the designation of the forum and area as well as the supporting statements, group constitution and a map of the proposed area.

Due to GDPR constraints we are unable to publish the list of 21 group members needed to establish a neighbourhood forum and will supply this with the permission of the neighboruhood group. 

This consultation is entirely ‘Optional’ and you do not need to participate unless you choose to. Your personal information will only be viewed by members of the Strategic Planning team at London Borough of Lewisham, and will not be shared with any third party. Your details are required to authenticate your representation.

By submitting your contact details to this consultation, you are consenting to be added to the Strategic Planning team's consultation data base, and may be contacted regarding future Strategic Planning consultations. The Strategic Planning database is retained and managed by the Strategic Planning team only, and we will not transfer any data to another territory outside of the EEA. We will hold this data for a maximum of five years, or until,  if you request to be removed from our consultation data base sooner.

If, at any point, you wish to be removed from our database, please contact


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