Planning Application Local Validation Checklist Consultation

Closed 22 Aug 2022

Opened 5 Aug 2022


A validation list tells people who are submitting planning applications what supporting information will be needed. It also provides advice on the detail and scope of that information, as the information required will be dependent on the scale and nature of the proposal. 

The list is divided into two sections, the national validation requirements and the local validation requirements. The national requirements are set by central government and are the same across all Local Planning Authorities in England. The local validation requirements relate specifically to planning applications submitted to Lewisham Council. Applications that do not include the information set out within the local or national list that is relevant to the application will not be treated as a valid submission.

The structure of the lists remains the same in that there is a separate list for each application type.

This consultation considers only the local validation lists, as the national validation list details are set out in law. Local validation lists have policy drivers, and/or other drivers, which are responsible for the request for supporting information.

The consultation runs from Friday 5th August 2022 – Monday 22nd August 2022.

Please send any comments to

Electronic copies of the proposed Validation Checklists can be accessed at the bottom of this page. 

These Validation Checklists we are inviting comments on are:

  1. Major applications local list
  2. Minor applications local list
  3. Householder applications validation checklist
  4. Listed building consent and Certificate of Lawfulness for works to a listed building (proposed) validation checklist
  5. Certificate of Lawfulness (existing) validation checklist
  6. Certificate of Lawfulness (proposed) validation checklist
  7. Prior notification in Connection with Permitted Development Rights for Larger home extensions validation checklist
  8. Minor Material Amendment to a Planning Permission (Section 73 of the Town and Country Planning Act as amended validation checklist
  9. Non-Material amendment to a Planning Permission (Section 96a and the Town and Country Planning Act (1990) as amended) validation list
  10. Approval for Details (Discharge of Condition(s)) validation checklist
  11. Advertisement consent validation checklist
  12. Prior Notification of proposed Demolition validation checklist
  13. Prior Notification of Proposed Development in Respect of Permitted Development by Electronic Communications Code Operators validation checklist

Why your views matter

Local Planning Authorities must publish a local validation list for applications and review it every two years. We are carrying out this consultation because significant time has passed since the previous consultation and because there are a number of changes since then, including the London Plan (2021)

It is important to note that while the Council’s emerging Local Plan is advancing, it is not yet advanced enough for its policies to warrant inclusion within the Local Lists. The lists will therefore be updated when the emerging Local Plan is adopted, which is expected in 2023.

What happens next

We will review the feedback and consider if the documents need to be amended


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  • Lee Green
  • Lewisham Central
  • Perry Vale
  • Rushey Green
  • Sydenham
  • Telegraph Hill


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