Consultation on the Planning Enforcement Plan

Closes 30 Aug 2024

Opened 8 Jul 2024


The Planning Enforcement Plan is currently being drafted and will form the basis of our decision-making in all Planning Enforcement matters in Lewisham. The Plan aims to set out the policies, approaches and priorities that we will apply in our day-to-day work when investigating and resolving breaches in planning regulation. This consultation is your opportunity to make comments and suggestions on this Plan.

Why is this happening?

We are implementing the Planning Enforcement Plan to preserve public interest, maintain the quality of local environments, and uphold planning regulations. Planning is an integral part of the development of Lewisham as a whole, and the enforcement of Planning policies and decisions is essential in ensuring the wider vision for Lewisham is achieved. This consultation aims to ensure all interested parties are heard when developing this Plan.


Why your views matter

The Planning Enforcement Plan outlines how the Council will involve local residents, businesses and other stakeholders in carrying out Planning Enforcement decisions. It also sets out our priorities, approaches, limitations and processes when dealing with the enforcement of Planning regulations. This consultation aims to ensure that all those that may be subject to these policies have their chance to comment on them before they are adopted.


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