Primary Care Re-Commissioning Consultation - Professionals/Stakeholders

Closed 7 Jul 2023

Opened 29 May 2023


Lewisham Council commission a variety of services within Lewisham, mainly Pharmacies and GP Surgeries to meet the needs of residents, with the aim to help and support individuals and our local communities to access contraception, medication and harm reduction interventions for drug and alcohol based on their level of need.

We would like to get your views on the following services:

  • LARC (Long-Acting Reversible Contraception) – LARC can currently be accessed from 2 sexual health clinics and 17 GPs across Lewisham on an appointment basis.
  • Condom Distribution/Come Correct (C Card) – Residents aged 16-25 within the borough can access condoms for free from 19 sites across Lewisham including 13 pharmacies, Humankind Insight, 2 libraries and 2 sexual health clinics.  Residents older than 25 can also access free condoms from sexual health clinics and all GPs within Lewisham.
  • EHC (Emergency Hormonal Contraception) – this can currently be accessed for free at 17 Pharmacies across Lewisham
  • Needle Exchange – this can currently be accessed for free at 9 Pharmacies across Lewisham
  • Supervised Consumption (SAMS) – this can currently be accessed for free at 30 Pharmacies and 8 GPs across Lewisham
  • Vitamin D – this can currently be accessed for free at 49 Pharmacies across Lewisham.

By informing us of your views we will be able to model and shape both these and future services in order to better meet the needs of all Lewisham residents.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Commissioning