Feedback from people referred to WW and Slimming World (Lewisham referral scheme)

Closes 15 Mar 2021

Opened 16 Feb 2021


We have developed an online survey for people who have been referred to Slimming World or WW via their GP or self-referral.

If you completed your 12 week programme, we’d like to know about your experience, what you liked and didn’t like about Slimming World or WW.

If you didn’t start your referral programme, we would like to know why you didn’t take up this offer, and if you started but didn’t finish 12 weeks, we’d like to know more.

The feedback you give us will help us to improve Lewisham services around weight management and what we can do differently for Lewisham residents when we recommission services in April 2022.

Thank you very much for your time in completing this survey. We will be analysing the survey responses and these will be used, alongside other evidence, to shape our nutrition, physical activity and weight management services from April 2022.

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