Parent/Carers Support following Child's Diagnosis of ASD

Closed 12 Oct 2018

Opened 10 Sep 2018

Results expected 19 Oct 2018

Feedback expected 26 Oct 2018


Lewisham Autism Support service provides post diagnosis support, advice and information to families who receive a clinical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for their child. Families are asked following the diagnosis if they would like to be referred to the service and if agreed a meeting is booked in with families as soon as possible following the diagnosis. Support is tailored and personalised to their identified issues so that they are of maximum benefit to all families.

The Local Authority and the Clinical Commissioning Group who commission the service is undertaking a review of post diagnosis support in order to establish how well the service is meeting the parent/carers needs and to consider areas of development when the service is recommissioned in 2019.    

Why your views matter

The Council is seeking the views of parent/carer who have received support from Lewisham's Autism Parent Support Service following their child's diagnosis of ASD. Views are needed on how the Council should develop parent/carer support service in the future, as their experiences of the service will help to ensure their feedback is taken into account in the future development of the service. Parent/carer views are esential and therefore we would appreciate their feedback to the questions in the survey.


  • Bellingham
  • Blackheath
  • Brockley
  • Catford South
  • Crofton Park
  • Downham
  • Evelyn
  • Forest Hill
  • Grove Park
  • Ladywell
  • Lee Green
  • Lewisham Central
  • Perry Vale
  • Rushey Green
  • Sydenham
  • Telegraph Hill


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